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From the Pastor's Desk (March 23, 2017)  

HOLY WEEK Time to Reflect, Remember, and Reconnect

The purpose of Holy Week is to reenact, relive, and participate in the passion of Christ. Holy Week observances began in the earliest days of the Church. Devout people travelled and gathered in Jerusalem to reenact the events. Historians of the time even noted that religious tourist would wave palm fronds on a processional from the Mount of Olives. That sounds vaguely familiar!

Now Christians throughout the world gather in churches, halls, gardens, and homes for special worships and reenactments that remember and connect us to the events of the week that changed history. Please make plans now to participate in several if not all of our Holy Week worships.

I am particularly excited about our Thursday evening (April 13 at 6 p.m.) worship Biblical Journey: From Table to Garden to Cross to Tomb—an interactive, multi-participant, intergenerational worship. The service begin with a light meal in the Fellowship Hall, then we travel to our Prayer Garden to reflect on the scripture text about Jesus’ in the garden, next we go to the cross outside our sanctuary and re-read the passion narrative, and finally we conclude in the sanctuary with words and music about the tomb of Christ. This reenactment will be a blessing to all that attend. Please note, for anyone with mobility issues the fellowship hall and sanctuary will be open for the entirety of the service with the ability to read along with the service but not travel.

Also note the line up of guest preachers for our noon day services Monday through Friday of Holy Week are something not to miss:

Monday- Tori Mick
Tuesday- Amanda Crice
Wednesday- Jessie Webb
Thursday- Sky McCracken
Friday- Stephen Caveness

And as always we have some spirit-filled worship planned for both Palm/ Passion Sunday and Resurrection (Easter) Sunday! Come join us and lift praise to our Savior!

-Pastor Nancy




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